Canadian Cardiovascular Society

This Heart Month, we’re focusing on the importance of fostering growth of peer-reviewed Canadian cardiovascular research and researchers.

Cardiovascular diseases are a significant burden on the Canadian healthcare system. Research helps us understand, prevent, and treat cardiovascular conditions, contributing to improved public health outcomes. 

Research funding plays a pivotal role in addressing health disparities, promoting personalized medicine, and translating research findings into practical applications for patient care. It also fosters collaboration, facilitates the development of new technologies, and helps to advance medical science and healthcare in Canada.  

With support from like-minded organizations committed to empowering clinician scientists nationally, the CCS Research Fellowships & Awards program supports topics of research that span the various areas of cardiovascular medicine.

Last year, the CCS celebrated 10 years of supporting Canadian cardiovascular research and researchers. Since 2014, we’ve recognized 81 outstanding researchers with more than $3.6M in research funding.  

Over the coming month, you’ll hear about some of the innovative research that our awardees are undertaking, as well as the impact receiving funding has had on their career. Stay tuned for more to come, including an important announcement about our 2024 Research Fellowships & Awards program! 

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