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Canadian Alliance of Cardiovascular Centres

About Us

The Canadian Alliance of Cardiovascular Centres (CACC) was launched in October 2023 to champion the Canadian Cardiovascular Society’s vision of Strong Heart Teams in a heart healthy Canada.

Our vision is for the CACC to serve as a community for administrative
leaders from cardiovascular centres across Canada to learn from each
other by fostering synergy and mutual collaboration between peers

The CACC is an opportunity to leverage, spread, and scale knowledge
between cardiovascular centres and advance promising innovations. It also brings Canadian cardiovascular centres’ policy and decision-makers together to improve systems by engaging in productive dialogue and facilitating the dissemination of key tools and practices. CACC members discuss the common challenges that cardiovascular centres face, such as HHR recruitment, multidisciplinary team development, and administrative data sharing.

Problem-solving is made possible by including diverse perspectives and experiences in these important conversations. The CACC also cultivates a common voice for advocacy in the areas of access to care and quality of care.

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Canadian Alliance of Cardiovascular Centres
150 Elgin Street, Suite 1000
Ottawa, ON K2P 1L4

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