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About Members in Training

Trainees represent the future of cardiovascular care in Canada and are an essential part of our membership. Our Trainee Committee is dedicated to providing trainees with valuable programs and services tailored to their needs as they progress through their training. For example, the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress offers the very popular Cardiovascular Trainee Day and networking luncheon, comprising of sessions and workshops to meet the unique needs of trainees. At Congress, trainees learn about trainee-specific issues and network with fellow colleagues, program directors and leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

Both the CCS and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Academy (CCSA) recognize that Canada’s trainees represent not only the future of cardiovascular healthcare in Canada, but also the future of both organizations. For the balance of Canadian trainees, the time spanning the transition from school to work, can be challenging. In 2005, the Trainee Committee explored means by which the CCS might be better able to provide Canada’s trainees with unique programs and services that would be of high value to them.

CCS Trainee Committee

All trainees of the CCS are represented by the Trainee Committee. The chair of the Trainee Committee is the trainee representative on the CCS Council. The mandate of the Trainee Committee is to identify and address specific needs and concerns of trainees in adult cardiology, pediatric cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, and cardiovascular research across the country.

Interested in joining the Trainee Committee? Every November a call for applications to all CCS Members-In-Training takes place whereby trainees are selected to join the Trainee Committee.

Programs and Services

The following programs and services were identified through extensive consultation with Canada’s trainees and the groundwork set by the CCS Trainee Committee Working Group on transition services.

  • Trainee Review Programs (TRPs): The highly successful programs for adult cardiology, pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery. The TRPs are preparation programs for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada qualifying exams. 
  • Cardiovascular Trainee Program: A 2.5 days trainee program integrated into the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC), which offers hands-on skills labs as well as educational sessions in research, cardiac surgery, cardiology and personal/career development. 
  • Trainee Resources:  The Trainee section on the CCS website provides pertinent trainee information including fellowship positions, funding information, study tips and much more.

Exclusive opportunities to get involved with the Canadian Journal of Cardiology (CJC)

Apply to join the CJC Editorial Board or Reviewer List

Next available term: January 1, 2023-December 31, 2024
Application launch: Fall 2022

As of January 1, 2021, six trainees joined the Editorial Board in mentored roles. In addition, eight trainees joined as Reviewers in mentored roles.

Current Trainee Members of the Editorial Board:

1.    Haran Yogasundaram (Mentor: Gavin Oudit)
2.    Sabin Bozso (Mentor: Jeevan Nagendran)
3.    Stephen Wright (Mentor: Neil Eves)
4.    Pishoy Gouda (Mentor:  Justin Ezekowitz)
5.    Qutuba Karwi (Mentor: Gary Lopaschuk
6.    Devin Chetan Mentor: Luc Mertens)

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