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Fellowship Database

Looking to subspecialize and pursue a fellowship in Canada? The CCS has worked on putting together a database of all fellowships offered in cardiology and cardiac surgery in Canada. You can find it at Simply log in to browse the selection of fellowships by city, type, etc.

If you do not have a account, you can join now to have access to the fellowship database.

Membership is FREE for:

  • trainees enrolled in cardiovascular sciences in Canada
  • students enrolled in medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, etc.
  • international trainees (excluding CJC subscription)

Does your institution/program offer a fellowship that is not in our database?

The CCS maintains a fellowship database that is exclusively accessible by our members (one of the many benefits of CCS membership). To have your fellowship advertised, please email

Please include:

  • Fellowship type
  • Institution
  • Language (offered in English or in French)
  • Contact information including contact person’s email
  • Length of fellowship (1-2 years)
  • Start date
  • Link to a website or PDF document
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