Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Board of Directors

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2023-2024 CCS Board of Directors

President – Dr. Michelle Graham
Vice President – Dr. Sean Virani
Past President – Dr. Marc Ruel
Secretary/Treasurer – Dr. Andrew S. Mackie
Director-at-Large – Dr. Rodney Zimmermann
Director, Western Region – Dr. Margot Davis
Director, Ontario Region – Dr. Maral Ouzounian
Director, Quebec Region – Dr. Isabelle Nault
Director, Atlantic Region – Dr. Sarah Ramer
Director – Dr. Parvathy Nair
C-CAS Chair – Dr. Gurmeet Singh
Trainee Representative – Dr. Varinder Randhawa
Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Carolyn Pullen 

Dr. Michelle Graham, President
Dr. Sean Virani, Vice President
Dr. Marc Ruel, Past President
Dr. Andrew S. Mackie, Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Rodney Zimmermann, Director-at-Large
Dr. Margot Davis, Director, Western Region
Dr. Maral Ouzounian, Director, Ontario Region
Dr. Isabelle Nault, Director, Quebec Region
Dr. Sarah Ramer, Director, Atlantic Region
Dr. Parvathy Nair, Director
Dr. Gurmeet Singh, C-CAS Chair
Dr. Varinder Randhawa, Trainee Representative
Carolyn Pullen, CCS CEO
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