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CCS Accreditation for Co-Development

Through accreditation, we develop and work with innovative partners to co-develop and deliver relevant and timely interactive national activities to our members and the medical community at large, bringing the latest developments on best practices in cardiovascular research and clinical practice.

The CCS welcomes collaboration with industry and other non-physician organizations to develop innovative high-quality programs related to the CCS’ identified learning needs and CCS Guidelines. Education Program Letters of Proposal must be submitted for all proposed Section 1 and Section 3 education activities. The CCS will take the lead as a developer of education activities by clearly defining, communicating, and applying a CCS-defined framework for quality CPD.

Follow these steps to seek accreditation for co-development:

List of Steps
 Actions Required Link to Documents
Step 1 Review of CCS Policy on Co-Developed Programs
Activity proposer submits “Educational Activity Letter of Intent (for Co-development)” along with a needs assessment and proposed budget to
Educational Activity Letter of Intent (for Co-development)
Step 2 The CCS reviews “Educational Activity Letter of Intent (for Co-development)” using CMA Guidelines, Royal College Standards and CCS Quality CPD Checklist for Educational Activity Proposals. CCS will provide a response in 14 business days. If aligned, CCS will contact the proposer to discuss the development of a grant request for program funding. CCS Quality CPD Checklist for Educational Activity Proposals
Step 3 Once the grant request is approved, the CCS develops program content and oversees program deliverables and ensures program adherence to relevant Section 1 or 3 accreditation standards. The CCS also oversees the deliverables and dissemination of the program.  
Step 4 The proposer receives the following:
1) regular updates on the progress of the development of the program.
2) appropriate acknowledgement for their support.
3) post-program report outlining the success of the program and budget reconciliation.
4) how the CCS will promote the program using the appropriate mediums.

Co-Development Fees

For a co-developed education program, the CCS applies a 40% administration fee based on the total program expenses.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Manager of Continuing Professional Development
Canadian Cardiovascular Society
1100 – 222 Queen Street, Ottawa, ON K1P 5V9
Telephone: (613) 569-3407 ext. 410

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