Heart Failure Program

The CCS Heart Failure Program is a foundational component of the CCS’ ongoing effort to improve the process of translating research knowledge into clinical practice and patient health outcomes. This program has a broad reach across the spectrum of healthcare providers whose work touches on patients with heart failure – specialist and generalist physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other therapists.

Our closed-loop model strategically combines our multi-disciplinary, evidence-based guidelines with interactive workshops and webinars and practical resources. A key element of the CCS Closed-loop model is program evaluation where each year’s evaluation data feeds the next guideline update and cycle of education and resource development.


CCS is collaborating to raise awareness of Heart Failure! 

The following public service announcement was developed in partnership with Novartis and the Heart and Stroke Foundation and will air on Canadian TV stations beginning November 2016.

To achieve our knowledge translation goals, we offer a multi-pronged program which includes the following components:
  The iCCS app presents updated HF Guideline information, recommendations and algorithms in and easy to use and interactive format.     Access over 300 HF recommendations to effectively diagnose and manage HF for your patients. Search, filter and quickly identify recommendations from 2006-2014.
  Is it Heart Failure and What Should I Do? The HF pocket guide is a quick reference tool that features essential diagnostic and treatment recommendations based on available HF guidelines.     Our HF slide decks are designed to educate practitioners on the essential diagnostic and treatment recommendations, and are developed in a case based format.
CompanionResource   The CCS HF Companion document is a tool to facilitate integration of HF guidelines into clinical practice.     Workshops are offered at The Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) each October and again at various regional meetings during the year.
Calculators and Forms   Access clinical calculators and download the HF Referral Form, screening forms and printable FRS worksheets.      Webinars extend the learning experience to those who do not have the opportunity to attend the CCC or regional meetings.


























Visit the Guideline Resource section for more information on all our available resources.

Heart Failure Guideline Panel Members

  • HF Guideline Co-Chairs

    Justin A. Ezekowitz, Edmonton, AB
    Eileen O'Meara, Montreal, QC


  • Primary Panel Members

    Howard Abrams, Toronto, ON
    Michael Chan, Edmonton, AB
    Anique Ducharme, Montreal, QC
    Nadia Giannetti, Montreal, QC
    Adam Grzeslo, Hamilton, ON
    Peter Hamilton, Edmonton, AB
    George A. Heckman, Waterloo, ON
    Jonathan G. Howlett, Calgary, AB
    Sheri L. Koshman, Edmonton, AB
    Serge Lepage, Sherbrooke, QC
    Michael McDonald, Toronto, ON
    Robert McKelvie, Hamilton, ON
    Gordon W. Moe, Toronto, ON
    Miroslaw Rajda, Halifax, NS
    Elizabeth Swiggum, Victoria, BC
    Sean Virani, Vancouver, BC
    Shelley Zieroth, Winnipeg, MB


  • Secondary Panel Members

    Abdul Al-Hesayen, Toronto, ON
    Alain Cohen-Solal, Paris, France
    Michel D'Astous, Moncton, NB
    Sabe De , Sydney, NS
    Estrellita Estrella-Holder, Winnipeg, MB
    Stephen Fremes, Toronto, ON
    Lee Green, Edmonton, AB
    Haissam Haddad, Ottawa, ON
    Karen Harkness, Hamilton, ON
    Adrian F. Hernandez, Durham, NC
    Simon Kouz, Joliette, QC
    Marie-Hélène LeBlanc, Quebec, QC
    Frederick A. Masoudi, Aurora, CO
    Heather J. Ross, Toronto, ON
    Andre Roussin, Montreal, QC
    Bruce Sussex, St. John's, NL




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Learn more about the CCS Heart Failure Program 10th Anniversary initiative.