CCS Achievement Award

Deadline:  May 9, 2019

Award Criteria and How to submit a nomination

The CCS Achievement Award (formerly known as the Annual Achievement Award) was created in 1992 in recognition of Canadians who have made outstanding contributions in their career within the cardiovascular field.

Award Criteria: CCS Members are asked to nominate an individual whose/who:

    • Career has significantly aided the growth of and support to the cardiovascular field;
    • Is a Canadian citizen, but is not required to be a Member of the Society;
    • Contains highly respected attributes relative to this Award

A Nomination submission must include the following documents:

    • a Letter of Recommendation summarizing the candidate's highly respected attributes relative to this Award
    • an updated CV and a brief 1-2 page Biography of the nominee

Submit a Nomination using any one of the following methods:

By Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By Fax: CCS Nominations and Awards Committee (613) 569-6574

By Mail: CCS Nominations and Awards Committee 1100-222 Queen St. Ottawa, ON K1P 5V9

Award Prize: In addition to the plaque presentation at the annual CCS Awards Ceremony, which takes place during the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, the Annual Achievement Award recipient will receive reasonable coverage of travel expenses, two-nights hotel accommodation and complimentary registration for the current year's Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.

  • Annual Achievement Award Recipients

    2018   Anne Gillis, Calgary
    2017   Paul Dorian, Toronto
    2016   Robert Sheldon, Calgary
    2015   Ruth Collins-Nakai, Edmonton
    2014   Merril Knudtson, Calgary
    2013   Charles Kerr, Vancouver
    2012   Lyall Higginson, Ottawa
    2011   Peter Lui, Toronto
    2010   Hugh Scully, Toronto
    2009   Neil McKenzie, London
    2008   D George Wyse, Calgary
    2007   William Kostuk, London
    2006   Jean G Dumesnil, Sainte-Foy
    2005   Jean L Rouleau, Montréal
    2004   Peter McLaughlin, Toronto
    2003   Robert Freedom, Halifax
    2002   Gilles Dagenais, Sainte-Foy
    2001   Henry Mizgala, Vancouver
    2000   Tirone David, Toronto
    1999   Raymond O Heimbecker, Collingwood
    1998   John Cairns, Vancouver
               Peter Vlad, Ottawa
    1997   Wilbert J Keon, Ottawa
    1996   Ramsay Gunton, London
    1995   Wilfred G Bigelow, Toronto
    1994   Eldon R Smith, Calgary
    1993   Robert Beamish, Winnipeg
    1992   Louis Horlick, Saskatoon