CCS President’s Message

The CCS 2015-2018 Strategic Plan

Why can people be confident in any organization? Not just because of what it does and who does it, but because it has a plan. The CCS has a clear mission and vision, and getting to that destination requires a solid roadmap. That’s why I’m proud to share that in late March the CCS approved a 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.

Our vision is to lead cardiovascular health and care excellence. And our mission is to promote that, as the national voice for cardiovascular clinicians and scientists, through knowledge translation, professional development, and leadership in health policy and advocacy.

To deliver on the roadmap, we have developed five strategic priorities. Here’s an overview of each and some of the measures of their success.

    1. Quality care: Provide leadership and influence on policy and practice through advocacy and education. That means CCS will have the organizational knowledge and resources necessary for a sustained influence. Stakeholders – including governments, other health organizations and practitioners – will recognize CCS as the respected, trusted source for clinical and policy information on quality cardiovascular health/care. All applicable CCS programs will include an embedded and structured advocacy and/or educational component.
    2. Relationships: Focus proactively on partnerships that matter. Here, outcomes include reviewing and defining our relationships with the national and international organizations that we work with to meet our members’ and organization needs. CCS is committed to further our work with CCS Affiliates. With other organizations, we will strive to put enhanced and complementary working relationships into practice, designed to drive mutual benefits. Finally, CCS will be an accredited program provider in good standing with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and provide members valued programs.
    3. Canadian Cardiovascular Congress: Advance the foremost cardiovascular meeting. We aim to maintain and build on that status, and see that CCS and our Affiliates achieve a mutually beneficial collaboration regarding the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress. The CCC will meet the established needs of CCS members, with both content and structure that exceeds the expectations and requirements of attendees.
    4. Membership: Identify, serve and engage our members and prospective members. Members of our Affiliates will continue to feel a strong sense of community and belonging within CCS.  We will determine the extent to which we’ll broaden the membership base, and continue to engage and grow membership from the cardiovascular community.
    5. Evolve the organization to secure a sustainable future. Lastly, but certainly not of least importance, the CCS will commit to strong organization stewardship including securing our long-term financial stability.

The environment in which CCS operates is dynamic. The strategic plan considered an array of forces that are influencing our work.

For example, there are constant pressures to maintain high quality care in cardiology despite constrained health care resources. Within the cardiovascular community, we’re also seeing increasing sub-specialization. Some 60% of CCS members are also members of a sub-specialty cardiovascular group, and 90% of trainees are headed that way. How do we recognize the needs of these communities and maintain our relevance with them?

We’re also mindful of where we excel – like developing evidence-based documents as benchmarks for cardiovascular care – and where we still have challenges. For instance, CCS must focus on getting system recommendations into the hands of the people who can make change happen. So, we need to invest more resources on reaching out to health care administrators, councils and policy makers.

What will all of these strategic priorities mean in practice? In the coming months, I will explore each one in greater depth.

We have identified the “what”; in year one of the strategic plan we’ll devote a great deal of energy to the “how”. Already, we have carefully studied how our existing activities fit with the priorities. We’re also mapping how other activities need to grow to meet our goals, and where we need to fill in gaps. What I can assure you is that everyone at CCS is 100% committed to turning this plan into concrete action.  

I want to thank everyone who worked hard to create this bold plan, and who contributed to its development through participating in surveys and consultations. We heard from a broad range of CCS members, stakeholders and industry supporters, and the input of all was invaluable.

CCS is already building on a strong foundation and moving in the right direction. It’s a direction that will bring exciting developments for the cardiovascular community and, ultimately, for the Canadians it serves.

Heather Ross President







Dr Heather Ross
President, Canadian Cardiovasular Society