Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Celebrating a big anniversary like our 75th, is a perfect time to take stock. One area the CCS was excited to explore is the branding for our growing family of journals, particularly as we prepare to release the first issue of CJC Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease in February 2022.

Our objectives for a branding refresh were to:

  • Refresh and modernize the logos
  • Simplify the cover
  • Establish a relationship between CCS and the journals
  • Ensure journal covers and branding are distinct, but all appear related

Working with our publisher, the Editor-In-Chiefs, and the CCS journal committee, we contemplated a new look and feel that was simple and modern, especially given the journals now all live exclusively (or primarily, in the case of CJC) online. Visitors and subscribers only see a thumbnail image as printed covers are becoming a thing of the past. As we considered various options, we envisioned covers that would prominently display each journal’s name. We also wanted to make it clear our journals are a sub brand of the CCS.

So here they are! A distinct and eye-catching colour for each journal with consistent placement of the name and logo, and use of white lettering, recognizing the covers will appear side by side in a few locations (CJC & CCS website, social media, presentations, etc.).

We are proud to bring you our new look and celebrate our respected, growing family of cardiovascular journals.

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