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The Canadian Cardiovascular Society and the Canadian Society of Cardiac Surgeons are aware of the current shortage of key medical equipment needed to perform some heart surgeries across the country. Cardiovascular healthcare providers have been facing supply chain issues of oxygenators for the past couple of years which, according to a statement by Health Canada, has been exacerbated by factors including equipment malfunctions, economic weaknesses, and labour constraints.

At this point, it is not clear as to when the equipment shortage is expected to end. In the meantime, cardiovascular centres across Canada are doing all that they can to make sure patients are receiving the appropriate care, applying solutions at a local level. Patients in critical need of heart surgery are being prioritized, and equipment is being shared between centres where possible as part of a contingency plan until the availability of supplies improves.

If you have questions about the ongoing shortage and how it is affecting cardiac surgeries in your region, please contact your local healthcare provider – they are working on solutions to the shortage that are tailored to providing the best access and care in their region.

The CCS and CSCS will be monitoring the situation for as long as it persists and will continue to share updates as needed.

Michelle Graham, MD, FRCPC, FCCS
Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Ansar Hassan, MD, PhD
Canadian Society of Cardiac Surgeons

About the Canadian Cardiovascular Society:
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About the Canadian Society of Cardiac Surgeons:
The CSCS mission is to promote and represent the specialty of cardiac surgery, including but not exclusive to research, education, and sound clinical practice. The CSCS strives to be responsive to its members’ needs and plays a role in the development of training programs to help the field adapt to new technologies and embrace new techniques.

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