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Robert Burns Lecture – Keynote Speaker History

Each year a distinguished speaker is invited by the CNCT to deliver this keynote address at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC).

2003Piotr Slomka (Los Angeles, CA)
2022Koen Nieman (Palo Alto, CA)
2021No lecture
2020Nils Johnson (Houston, TX)1
2019Michael Frenneaux (Norwich, England)
2018David Newby
2017Paul Ridker
2016Pamela S. Douglas
2015Raymond J. Gibbons
2014Paolo Raggi
2013Terrence Ruddy
2012Benjamin Chow
2011Anthony Demaria
2010Frank Bengel
2009Zahi Fayad
2008Jim Udelson
2007Jagat Narula
2006Rob Beanlands
2005Joeron Bax
2004Heinz Shelbert
2003Leslee Shaw
2002Dan Berman
2001Doug Miller
2000Mike Freeman
1 Speaker at the CNCT Spotlight Session. CNCT did not host the Robbie Burns lecture in 2020 due to limitations in presentations imposed by COVID-19 and the virtual nature of CCC.

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