Société cardiovasculaire du Canada

Projet de qualité

Successful healthcare systems simultaneously improve the patient experience of care, advance the health of populations and reduce the per capita costs of healthcare. Despite the growing burden of cardiovascular disease on Canadians and healthcare budgets, our country lacks a coherent strategy to provide ongoing measurement, evaluation and management of the quality of cardiovascular care. The Canadian Cardiovascular Society’s (CCS) Quality Project is working to address this important gap.

Driven by the tremendous support and dedication of its members, the Quality Project is an initiative working to bring together key stakeholders for pan-Canadian reporting on cardiovascular care towards evidence-based practice change.

Chair: Dr. Paul Dorian, Toronto, ON

Quality Project Milestones

Click on any of the items below to access Quality Project resources and learn more about our policies, knowledge dissemination tools, and quality improvement initiatives.

We wholeheartedly thank the following organizations for their support of the knowledge translation of our Quality Project activities through educational grants. We could not deliver the program without their generous support.

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