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Initiatives encouragées par les membres

Canadian Amyloidosis Rounds
Please join us for Canadian Amyloidosis Rounds. With all the exciting developments and advances in the field of amyloidosis care, we believe these virtual rounds will provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on important topics on amyloidosis. These rounds are intended for anyone across Canada with an interest in amyloidosis, and we will discuss interesting cases and important updates on what is going on in the world of amyloidosis care. We intend for these rounds to be a regularly recurring event, with the first rounds scheduled for Monday, June 12 at 6 p.m. EDT.

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5th Annual Cardio-Rheumatology Symposium
L’Université de Toronto tiendra le « 5th annual Cardio-Rheumatology Symposium » virtuellement, vendredi le 16 juin. Il s’agit d’un événement de formation professionnelle continue qui pourrait intéresser les cardiologues.

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