Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Research Achievement Award

This award was created in 1982 in recognition of research excellence. The acknowledgement is offered to an established investigator working on an aspect of cardiovascular research in Canada. 

Award Criteria:

Nominations are sought for this most prestigious award from CCS Members, Deans of Canadian Medical Schools and Heads and Program Directors of Cardiovascular Programs in Canada.

The research should:

  1. Have an identifiable theme;
  2. Have been conducted, at least in part, in Canada;
  3. The nominee must be a member of CCS and should currently be actively engaged in research.
A Nomination submission must include the following documents:
  1. Three letters of support, at least two of them from outside the nominee’s institution. One of the supporters will serve as the primary nominator and must be responsible for gathering the additional two letters of support and related materials;
  2. A copy of the nominee’s CV.

Note: The selection committee relies heavily on the letters of nomination and support, which should therefore be detailed and provide a clear rationale for the nomination.

Questions or comments can be sent to:

Award Prize:

In addition to the plaque presentation at the annual CCS Awards Ceremony, which takes place during the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, the Research Achievement Award recipient will receive complimentary registration for the current year’s Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.  When appropriate, one runner-up may be presented with a plaque.

Award Recipients:

2023 – Douglas Lee, Toronto
2022 – Shamir Mehta, Hamilton
2021 – Denis Roy, Montréal
2020 – Lorrie Kirshenbaum, Winnipeg
2019 – Ruth McPherson, Ottawa
2018 – Jack Tu, Toronto
2017 – Anthony Tang, London
2016 – Jean-Pierre Després, Québec
2015 – Robert Beanlands, Ottawa
2014 – Stuart Connolly, Hamilton
2013 – Ernesto Schiffrin, Montréal
2012 – Robert Roberts, Ottawa
2011 – John Floras, Toronto
2010 – Philippe Pibarot, Québec
2009 – Duncan Stewart, Ottawa
2008 – Jean-Claude Tardif, Montréal
2007 – Gary Lopaschuk, Edmonton
2006 – Jeffrey Weitz, Hamilton
2005 – Bruce McManus, Vancouver
2004 – Stephen Archer, Edmonton
2003 – Peter Liu, Toronto
2002 – David Naylor, Toronto
2001 – Stanley Nattel, Montréal
2000 – Richard D Weisel, Toronto
1999 – Salim Yusuf, Hamilton
1998 – Pavel Hamet, Montréal
1997 – Jean-Lucien Rouleau, Montréal
1996 – Pierre Théroux, Montréal
1995 – John O Parker, Kingston
1994 – Marlene Rabinovitch, Toronto
1993 – Paul Armstrong, Toronto
1992 – Martial G Bourassa, Montréal
1991 – Naranjan S Dhalla, Winnipeg
1990 – Jacques de Champlain, Montréal
1989 – Michael J Sole, Toronto
1988 – Gerard M Guiraudon, London & George J Klein, London
1987 – E. Douglas Wigle, Toronto
1986 – Adolfo J deBold, Kingston
1985 – Lucien Campeau, Montréal
1984 – Pentti Rautaharju, Halifax
1983 – Peter M Olley, Toronto
1982 – Jack Hirsh, Hamilton

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