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2022 Call for CCS Trainee Committee Members

Call for Trainee Committee Members 2022

What does the CCS Trainee Committee do?

The key directives of the CCS Trainee Committee are as follows:

  1. To represent the interests of the full breadth of Canadian cardiovascular trainees on the various CCS standing committees, CCS Council and the CCSA Board.
  2. To ensure the provision and quality of trainee-specific initiatives of the CCS and CCSA, educational and otherwise.
  3. To communicate the activities of the CCS that are of interest to trainees in a timely and effective manner.

The CCS Trainee Committee is broadly organized into three teams: Representation, Education and Communication. Below, you will find a list of the positions available on the Committee. We are looking for a diverse group of team players to help shape the direction of our organization.

The Trainee Committee meets approximately three to four times per year by teleconference and during the annual Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC). Additional meetings will be called as needed. Individual CCS committees meet according to their own needs.

What positions are available?

1) Co-Chair, CCC Trainee Program Planning Committee (Education) (2-year term) – 1 position

The TPPC’s mandate is to develop a high-quality scientific Trainee Program at CCC. In order to facilitate this, the TPPC will meet monthly via teleconference to plan and execute the Trainee Program for the coming year’s CCC. As TPPC Co-chair, you will be responsible for chairing the teleconferences, and project managing the TPPC towards the development of program presented at CCC. You are also a member of the CCS Scientific Program Committee and expected to attend their regular meetings to represent and advocate on behalf of trainees. The TPPC co-chair may also be asked to serve on additional committees relating to CCC (i.e. Workshop Committee).

2) CCC Trainee Program Planning Committee (Education) (one year) – Approx. 20 positions

We are planning the Trainee Program for 2022. The Trainee Program offers hands-on skills labs, highly interactive practical workshops and the always popular networking event. The success of the Trainee Program would not have been possible without the tireless work of your fellow trainees who made it happen. This is an opportunity to be part of a fun and dynamic team with a major nationwide impact. Here, you will have the chance to:

  • Define theme and framework for Trainee Programming during CCC
  • Promote Trainee Programming to CCS trainee membership
  • Identify and contact potential speakers
  • Design skills labs and interactive workshops
  • Help shape the changing cardiovascular landscape
  • Build collaborative leadership and teamwork skills
  • Partner with peers, staff, mentors, and industry representatives

3) Other?

Is there something that the CCS Trainee Committee should be doing but isn’t? Did we miss something? Do you have a great idea that simply isn’t captured by the positions outlined above? If so, this is your chance to make it happen. Apply for the CCS Trainee Committee and clearly outline a job description, role or project that you want to take on. We are always open to new ideas and are here to serve you.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is enrolled in a cardiovascular training program. This includes both clinical and non-clinical trainees at all levels, and includes Canadian trainees pursuing a fellowship abroad.

How do I apply?

Click here and fill the survey by answering the questions and uploading the following documents:

  • Letter of intent: (500 words max)
    • Name, institutional affiliation, training program and year of training.
    • Previous CCS Trainee Committee experience and outcome/impact.
    • Clearly indicate which position(s) you seek and why.
    • A concise, meaningful description of previous work experience on committees and/or national/provincial organizations is also very helpful for us.
  • CV/Résumé: 3 pages maximum.
  • Headshot photograph

The deadline to apply is Monday, December 6, 2021.

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