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Heart Month 2023: Celebrating Heart Teams

This Heart Month, we celebrate our members who dedicate their professional lives to all matters related to cardiovascular health, care and research. We celebrate members of Heart Teams.

Below are some examples of how our CCS members are contributing to our vision of strong heart teams in a heart-healthy Canada.

Collaboration and Mentorship Help Create Strong Heart Teams

Through her work on various CCS committees, our new CCS President has seen firsthand the power of collaboration and mentorship. Her work as a member of the Access to Care working group, Chair of the CCS Guidelines Committee, Scientific Program Chair, Editor-in-Chief of CJC Open and her recent service as Vice-President, inspired the two goals she has set for her two-year term: 1) to strengthen CCS efforts to work together, to embrace new people and ideas, to promote a culture of respect, and to ensure the CCS becomes an even more welcoming professional home, and 2) to invigorate mentorship and support for our trainees.

What can you do?

CCS Heart Valve Disease “Heart Team”

Did you know that over 1 million Canadians are affected by heart valve disease, yet public awareness of the disease is shockingly low. On February 22nd, Heart Valve Voice Canada, the CCS, and the Alliance for Aging Research, are collaborating to raise awareness of HVD.

But, the work doesn’t stop on February 22nd. The CCS Heart Valve Disease Working Group is working to address gaps in heart valve diease care.

What can you do?

Supporting Women as Important Members of Heart Teams

At the recent CCC 2022, delegates gathered for a special networking session to discussion the many facets, challenges and opportunities women face in the workplace. We spoke to Laurie-Annie Boivin-Proulx, Co-Chair of the CCC Trainee Program Planning Committee, who helped organize the event.

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Investing in the Next Generation of Heart Team Members

Each year, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Academy (CCSA) funds a number of promising Canadian medical students, graduates, post-graduate trainees, and basic scientists-in-training to attend the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.

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Heart Teams Need Trail Blazers and Quiet Leaders – Meet Some of Them

In 2019, the CCS profiled close to 100 women, CCS members, who work in all facets of cardiovascular health and care. This Heart Month, we shine a spotlight on just a few of those women who are important members of strong heart teams, some trail blazers, others quiet leaders.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion of Members in Heart Teams

The success of the CCS mission depends on people who provide a
diversity of backgrounds, experiences, ideas and perspectives as
members and leaders. Through the work of the EDI Committee, the
CCS is setting priorities and action plans to uphold and advance our EDI values. This work is inspired by learning from a recent member survey on EDI.

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Heart Teams Are Inspired By Our Past

As our Diamond anniversary came to a close, Dr. Chi-Ming Chow,
and his colleague, Rachel Lu turned the spotlight on 11
outstanding members of heart teams, past, present and future.
Find out how each has contributed greatly to the advancement of
our collective knowledge about cardiovascular health, care and

What can you do?

Join CCS and Be Part of our Heart Team

Join the CCS today and take advantage of the many benefits, programs, services and opportunities that will help advance your career, support the important work you do for patients and the cardiovascular community. 

The future of cardiovascular health and care is bright and all of our close to 2,500 members are lighting the way.

Thank you to all members of Heart Teams.

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