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Heart Failure Webinar Series

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What’s Covered: This presentation focuses on the role of non-pharmacological therapy options for the management of heart failure. Learning objectives include: evaluating nutritional and dietary considerations in the management of HF, exploring key features of a cardiac rehabilitation program, identifying the role for advance care planning throughout the HF trajectory and reviewing communication strategies for advance care planning.

Presenters: Dr. Elizabeth Swiggum, Dr. Sean Virani, Dr. Harriette Van Spall, Dr. Shelley Zieroth

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What’s Covered: This presentation focuses on device therapy and the risk of sudden death. Learning objectives include: reviewing the indications for device therapy, exploring the risk of sudden cardiac death for patients with HFrEF, and discussing optimal timing of device implantation using the new HF treatment algorithm.

Presenters: Dr. Michael McDonald, Dr. Sheri Koshman, Dr. Anique Ducharme, Dr. Mustafa Toma

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What’s Covered: This presentation focuses on the screening and use of risk scores when heart failure is suspected and reviews a diagnostic approach to heart failure. Learning objectives include: identifying populations at risk of heart failure and key questions to consider during screening, reviewing when and how to use imaging and biomarkers when heart failure is suspected, and discussing a practical approach to the diagnosis of heart failure when LVEF is over 40%.

Presenters: Dr. Sean Virani, Dr. Jonathan Howlett, Dr. Eileen O’Meara

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What’s Covered: This presentation features content from the 2021 CCS/CHFS Heart Failure Guidelines Update with a focus on new evidence related to the treatment and management of patients with HFrEF. Learning objectives include: discussion of new evidence for pharmacological therapies for patients with HFrEF and review of timing and clinical context for initiating novel pharmacologic therapies for the management of HFrEF.

Presenters: Dr. Justin Ezekowitz, Dr. Michael McDonald and Dr. Sean Virani.

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