Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Canadian Society of Vascular Medicine

Core Values

Excellence: We are committed to the highest standard of vascular care. We are devoted to the discovery of new treatments, to the improvement of patient care pathways, and to attaining optimal health for all vascular patients. We will continue to evolve and grow to improve our approach and reach our goals. 

Leadership: We will put ourselves at the forefront of vascular care, tackling the most pertinent and challenging issues facing patients with vascular disease. We will represent vascular patients and vascular practitioners at a local, national, and international stage. We will present a united voice for Canadian vascular medicine, advocating for change and improvement where needed.

Collaboration: The sharing of ideas, expertise and training is essential to our mandate. We will create a community for vascular practitioners of multiple disciplines and work together to solve the most challenging issues facing vascular patients. We build relationships with healthcare providers, policy makers, researchers and anyone invested in improving the quality of healthcare. We will foster a close relationship with vascular surgeons, vascular nurse specialists, and primary care physicians. We enthusiastically bring our expertise to those who ask and invite knowledge and proficiency from external practitioners to improve our work.

Inclusion: We aim to represent the voices of diverse stakeholders. This includes patients and practitioners from different socioeconomic, ethnoracial, geographic, and religious backgrounds. We believe in both the strength and the moral obligation of diversity. We are committed to maintaining a safe and cohesive environment for each unique voice.

Innovation: We strive to find new solutions to the challenges and barriers facing vascular patients and vascular practitioners. We respect the previous paths taken in vascular care, learning from the successes and failures. We embrace technology, social media, and emerging avenues to improve care and reach our stakeholders. We consistently seek new ideas and explore out of the box thinking to stay at the forefront of excellent care.

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Canadian Society of Vascular Medicine
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