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CCS Accreditation for Physician Organizations

The CCS will accredit educational activities for physician organizations that meet the definition and adhere to Royal College’s accreditation standards.

Physician organizations have the responsibility to ensure that the standards of accreditation are adhered to when developing CPD activities and developing programs with industry supporters. Always consider obtaining more than one funder.

Follow these steps to seek accreditation as a physician organization:

List of Steps
 Actions RequiredLink to Documents
Step 1Do you meet the Physician Organization criteria?
Yes – proceed
No – proceed to co-development section
If YES: Submit “Educational Activity Letter of Intent (for Physician Organizations)” to CPD Department at
Educational Activity Letter of Intent (for Physician Organizations)
Step 2The CCS reviews “Educational Activity Letter of Intent (for Physician Organizations)” and provides a response within 14 business days. 
Step 3Needs assessments always guide the CPD activity content. Ensure you have evidence of perceived and unperceived assessments with your application form.

Learning Objectives should always be linked back to a minimum of two CanMeds Roles. This should be well documented at the first Scientific Planning Committee Meeting review of outcomes from your needs assessments that formulate your objectives.

The physician organization develops activity content, oversees act collects and maintains all Conflict-of-Interest forms for faculty and planning committee members and oversees program deliverables while ensuring to adhere to accreditation standards. The physician organization submits an accreditation application with full payment to CCS upon completing program content.
Section 1 Accreditation Application Form

Section 3 SAP Accreditation Application

Section 3 SIM Accreditation Application Form
Step 4The CCS reviews the completed application for Section 1 or 3 credits and provides a response. Accreditation review fees are non-refundable. 


Accreditation fees must be submitted along with a completed application form. Applications without accompanying fees will not be reviewed. Accreditation fees are non-refundable.

Physician Organization Accreditation Fees: $1,500 + HST

Expedited Applications Fee:
Completed applications received with less than 8 weeks to the activity date are subject to an expedited fee.

Expedited Accreditation Charge: $500 + HST

Repeat Fees: Fees for accredited activities that repeat throughout the year are subject to an administrative fee of $500 + HST for each repeat, with a cap of $2,000 (4 repeats).

Content Translation Review: If the CPD activity is being offered in both English and French, a CCS review of content is required.

Content Translation Fees: $1,500, depending on the complexity of the materials.

Please note: If your activity content has any alterations after it was reviewed and approved, a new application submission with payment is required.

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