Young Investigator Award

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To be eligible for this award, the young investigator:\n1. Must have their first academic appointment be between January 1, of the 5th year prior to the date of award and July 1, of the year of the award;

2. Must be a researcher who is no more than five years from his/her first independent appointment at an institution (university, hospital, other research facility, industry) at the time of submission;

3. Must identify in their application that they have a confirmed academic appointment at the time of submission;

4. Must be pursuing a career in Canada; and 5. Must be the first or senior author of the research work.

A nomination submission must include the following documents:

A nomination submission must include the following documents:

1. A letter of nomination from a CCS member or non-member who is a Canadian clinician or scientist in good standing. The nomination letter must indicate the novel aspect or significance of the work, describe the role of collaborators, include a clear statement of the role of the applicant, and explain the impact of\nthe research;

2. An abstract submitted for consideration at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress. That abstract CANNOT be entered simultaneously in the CCS Trainee Research Award (formerly the Student Presentation Award);

3. An original manuscript, based on the abstract submitted, which must not have been published, in its entirety or in major part, prior to April of the Congress year for which the award is being considered; and

To be considered for the Young Investigator Award, upload the nomination documents with the submitted Abstract at

Only one award application per nominee will be considered. Previous CCS Young Investigator Award winners are not eligible.

1. There will be one winner from either category – Clinical and Basic.

2. The winner will receive $1,000 Canadian and an award plaque.

3. The winner will receive full fare economy travel to the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, Complimentary registration to the Congress and 2 nights’ hotel\naccommodation (room and tax).

4. When appropriate, two runner-up awards (one in each category) in the amount of $250, accompanied by an award plaque, may be presented. The runner-up awardees do not receive complimentary registration, travel or accommodation.

5. The YIA winner and runners-up will receive their award at the CCS Awards Ceremony, which takes place during the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.

6. The YIA winner and runners-up will be highlighted in the Final Programme of the Congress and at a general cardiology plenary session, as decided by the SPC.

7. The winner and runners-up will present their abstract as first presenter of a moderated presentation session. In this presentation, they can also provide an overview of their current research program and of their vision for the future. The chair of the YIA committee or the co-chair of this session will do a short introduction highlighting the contribution of the YIA.

8. The winner’s name will be submitted to ACC for the Douglas P. Zipes Distinguished Young Scientist Award Program.

The SPC reserves the right to present no YIA award in a given year if they deem there to be no meritorious candidate.

If you have any questions regarding this award, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.