Trainee Research Award


Deadline: May 1st, 2019

This Award was first presented in 1986 to recognize the scientific merit and excellence of presentation and research work done by a resident, research fellow, or graduate student in a training program.

Submissions can be for either the basic or the clinical research categories, with one winner being chosen in each.

The Call for nominations for the Trainee Research Award (TRA), formerly the Student Presentation Award, is conducted by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society in February of each year as part of the Call for Science.

Award Criteria:

    • Candidates must either be a resident, clinical or research fellow, graduate student, or medical student in an accredited training program;
    • Candidates may not be a previous winner (1st place) of the Trainee Research Award;
    • Candidates must self nominate and must indicate their interest in being considered for the award at the time that they submit their Abstracts through the OASIS system to CCS;
    • To be considered for the Trainee Research Award, a letter from the candidate's supervisor must be uploaded with the submitted Abstract at The letter must indicate that the Abstract is to be considered for the Trainee Research Award competition, confirm that the candidate is in a training program at the time of Abstract submission and attest that the candidate is the principal investigator of the research project.
    • The candidate can enter more than one abstract for the Trainee Research Award, but only one abstract can be presented and the abstract cannot be entered simultaneously in the CCS Young Investigator Award (YIA) competition;
    • To be eligible, the candidate’s research must be original and cannot have been presented or published prior to the CCC Scientific Annual Meeting.The candidate must clarify their role in the research work submitted.

Award Prize and Oral Presentation

    • Award winners (one Basic, one Clinical) will each receive a cash prize of $500 and a plaque;
    • When appropriate, up to two runners-up in each category may be selected to receive a $250 cash prize and a plaque if a single winner cannot be decided by the judges;
    • At the discretion of the SPC, the award recipients may be announced at the annual Congress.

If you have any questions regarding this award, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By Mail:

CCS Nominations and Awards Committee

1100-222 Queen St. Ottawa, ON K1P 5V9


  • Trainee Research Award

    2018   Kashif Khan (Basic Science)
    Runner-up: Jennifer Chung (Basic Science)
    Christopher Cheung (Clinical Science)
    Runner-up: Jessica Spence
    2017   Rihab Bouchareb, Québec City (Basic Science)
    Runner-Up: Mark Kearns, Vancouver (Basic Science)
    David McFarlane, Halifax (Clinical Science)
    Runner-Up: Adam Deveau, Halifax (Clinical Science)
    2016   Stephanie Kereliuk, Winnipeg (Basic Science)
    Runner-up: Daniyil Svystonyuk, Calgary (Basic Science)
    Jacinthe LeClerc, Sait-Jean-d'Orléans (Clinical Science)
    Runner-up: Amine Mazine, Montréal (Clinical Science)
    2015    Holly Mewhort (Basic Science)
    Runner-up: Zhi Cui (Basic Science)
    Cameron Landry (Clinical Science)
    Runner-up: Julieta Lazarte (Clinical Science 
    2014   David G. Guzzardi (Basic Science)
    Runner-up: Mohamad Taha (Basic Science)
    Paul W. Boland (Clinical Science)
    Runner-up: Jay Shavadia (Clinical Science)
     2013   Janet Ngu (Basic Science)
    Runner-up Ali Ahmadi (Basic Science)
    Runner-up Christopher White (Basic Science)
    Christophe Thebault (Clinical Science)
    Runner–up Anthony Wassef (Clinical Science)
     2012   Lu Sun (Basic Science)
    Alanna Watson (Basic Science)
    Andrew Czarnecki (Clinical Science)
    Myra Cocker (Clinical Science)
    2011   Robin Ducas (Clinical Science)
    Ratnadeep Basu (Basic Science)
    1st Runner-up: Allison Hall (Clinical Science)
    1st Runner-up: Stephanie Thorn (Basic Science)
    2nd Runner-up: Myra Cocker (Clinical Science)
    2nd Runner-up: Dawn Cooper (Basic Science)
    2010   Xiou Shen (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Christopher Labos (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Sean van Diepen (Clinical Science)
    Paul Lee (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Arash Ghashghai (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Lyne Sleiman (Basic Science)
    2009   Ali Nsair, (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Christian Rueda-Clausen (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Danny Guo (Basic Science)
    Marie-Annick Clavel (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Robert Doonan (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Isabelle Nault (Clinical Science)
    2008   Andrew Ramadeen (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Alexandra Smith (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Dominic Lachance (Basic Science)
    Talha A. Farid (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Marie Lordkipanidzé (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Dana H. Lee (Clinical Science)
    2007   Miran Kenk, Ottawa (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Sri Batchu, Edmonton  (Basic Science)
    Andreas Kumar, Winnipeg (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Zeineb Hachicha, Québec (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Donna McLean, Edmonton (Clinical Science)
    2006   Shirley Mei, Toronto (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Michael Lekas, Toronto (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Erin Butler, Toronto (Basic Science)
    Marie Lordkipanidzé, Montréal (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Brian Schick, Vancouver (Clinical Science)
    2005   Nana Rezai, Vancouver (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Raja Balraj Singh, Winnipeg (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Shafie Fazel, Toronto (Basic Science)
    Alexander Kulik, Ottawa (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Kerry Thompson, Ottawa (Clinical Science)
    2004   Rohit Moudgil, Edmonton (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Bill Ayach, Toronto (Basic Science)
    Veena Guru, Toronto (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Anusha Jegatheeswaran, Hamilton (Clinical Science)
    2003   Eric Van der veer, London (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Anton Skaro, Halifax (Basic Science)
    Martin Briand, Sainte-Foy (Clinical Science)
    2002   Jenny Le, Toronto (Basic Science)
    George Saab, Ottawa (Clinical Science)
    2001   Liz Yang, Toronto (Basic Science)
    Marek Smieja, Hamilton (Clinical Science)
    2000   Anne Opavsky, Toronto  (Basic Science)
    Daniel Kim, Edmonton (Basic Science)
    Subodh Verma, Calgary (Clinical Science)
    1999   Frederic Charron, Montréal (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Isabelle Deschenes, Sainte-Foy  (Basic Science)
    Runner Up: Anne Opavsky, Toronto  (Basic Science)
    Susanna Mak, Toronto (Clinical Science)
    Runner Up: Michael Borger, Toronto  (Clinical Science)















    Vito Losito, Toronto

    Louis Perrault, Montréal

    Gideon Cohen, Toronto

    Angelica Fleser, Montréal

    Amritanshu Shekhar Pandey, Toronto

    Alistair Fyfe, Los Angeles, CA

    Gabrielle Horne, Calgary

    J Geoffrey Pickering, Boston, MA

    Richard C Austin, Hamilton

    Charles Lazzam, Toronto

    Randall Sochowski, Toronto

    Katherine Kavanagh, Calgary

    Ivan Vesely, London