Spotlight on the Next Generation

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The Spotlight on the Next Generation is a suite of videos that feature what’s new in a key contemporary trial or other important scientific development (new guidelines, new device etc.) and provides early career leaders an opportunity to share their experiences as Black or Indigenous clinicians. They will also discuss and explain disadvantages that non-white patients experience and how their leadership, care and commitment is working to make change. Dr. Andrew Krahn is the chair of the Spotlight on the Next Generation.

Cardiovascular Surgery    Heart Failure – Clinical Science  
Faculty: Dr. Donna May Kimmaliardjuk & Dr. Marc Ruel  Faculty: Dr. Simone Cowan & Dr. Clyde Yancy  
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Ruel DRK Pt1
Ruel DRK Pt2 Yancy Cowan
This program was made possible, from unrestricted educational grant funding from Novartis Canada. The Canadian Cardiovascular Society thanks Novartis Canada for their commitment to improving cardiovascular care in Canada.